Digital Innovation Center


What is UPB Digital Innovation Center?

The UPB Digital Innovation Center or DIC was established under the AVCA for Network Infrastructure and Procurement on October 2022.

Our Vision

The DIC envisions to be the forefront of innovation through information technology towards a smart UPB campus.

Our Mission

To provide up-to-date, reliable and secure IT infrastructure that supports the University’s functions of instruction, research, and public service.

Our Functions

To achieve its mission, the DIC shall perform the following functions:

1.     To upgrade and maintain the ICT services of the University. This includes upgrading equipment, information systems, and network, as well as providing training to users.

2.     To acquire and implement ICT equipment and service upgrades.

3.     To adopt UP-developed information systems appropriate to the University’s needs and functions.

4.     To make the University more interconnected. It will be geared towards improved resource utilization and facility management, for a more efficient and secure campus.

5.     To advice appropriate equipment to be acquired and to install smart campus services.

Our Location

AVCA Room, Ground Floor Iskolar ng Bayan Bldg., University of the Philippines Baguio, Governor Pack Road, Baguio City 2600

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